Public Company Registration

A public limited company is incorporated for large capital requirements so that it can be raised from the public at large through Public Issue of Shares. The minimum requirement is seven shareholders and three directors and a registered office. We shall be extending our support at the initial consultation, draft the objects and name selection for the company, and file the necessary application for incorporation and regular follow-up with the ROC until the certificate of incorporation is issued.

The Stepwise Process of Limited Company Registration

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Minimum Requirements To Register Public Limited Company

Minimum Seven Persons

A company can be registered in India, by at least seven persons, who shall act as the shareholders of the company. There is no limit on the number of shareholders and the minimum director required is 3 which cant exceed 15 directors.

Resident Director

One director of the company must be resident in India. A person is said to be resident if he or she stays in India for at least 182 days during the preceding financial year irrespective of their citizenship. The days of stay can be in phases.

Capital Requirement

Invest as per requirement of your business, and there is no minimum capital requirement as such to be maintained in the company. However, the government fee on company registration is calculated on the capital

Unique Name of Company

The proposed name of the company should not resemble any existing company or LLP. Further you must check the trademark registry to ensure that the name does not match with any registered or applied trademark in India.

Documents Required to Public Company Registration

Documentation of the Company & Promoters
Documentation for the Company Registered Address

Public Company Registration Process

  • Digital Signature Of Director – Step – 1

    As the application for Company Incorporation is filed online, the process starts with the issuance of Digital Signatures of class two.

  • Name Approval Of Company – Step – 2

    The Company name must be unique and should not be same or similar to an existing company, LLP or a trademark.

  • Filling For Incorporation – Step – 3

    One single application (spice 32) is filed for incorporation of the company. with the approval of this the Certificate is Issued.

  • PAN, TAN, ESI,PF & Bank Account – Step – 4

    The IT Department allots PAN & TAN, which is mentioned on the certificate of incorporation. Next is Bank A/c opening.


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